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So you want to be the next big Youtube vlogger? Then you better make sure that your most important piece of equipment is up for the job…..your camera.

Here at Vlogger Cameras we are going to be finding out which cameras all the top YouTubers are using and provide you with the most in-depth reviews along with exactly why it’s best for vlogging.

Not only that, but we will be hunting high and low to find you the best prices for these cameras online.

That’s not all though, this blog is going to be a hub. A hub for all things Vlog. From information about how to get the best quality video, right down to helping you to get your videos online, build your fanbase and grow your popularity online.

Who am I?


My name is Peter and I’m the guy behind Vloggercameras. I run a lifestyle blog and absolutely love photography and videography and spend a lot of my time shooting everything and anything that inspires me.

Over the years I’ve taught myself how to use my camera equipment to produce relatively high-quality images that I use to work with a number of household brands on sponsored campaigns.

I’ve also got my own youtube channel, but it’s still pretty new so I’ll be hopefully spending more time growing that too.

I personally use Canon equipment and shoot all my photography on the Canon 80D which is perfect for my needs and is pretty great at shooting video too.

I love to meet and get to know other bloggers and vloggers, so if you ever want to reach out you can do so by emailing peter@vloggercameras.com.

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